e-Paper Displays

We sell, design and have manufactured a series of unique, flexible, glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs). We also sell a selection of glass based displays and fully integrated products. The displays are available in various sizes and with grey level and colour options, product designers can select exactly the right displays for their application needs.

Use Cases

Smart Cards

Make your smart cards even smarter with embedded e-Paper displays

Smart Wearables

Bring innovation and data to wearable tech of all kinds with tiny e-Paper displays

Outdoor Signage

Make any kind of outdoor signage more legible under all weather conditions

Mobile Devices

Are you looking for a secondary display to double functionality? Use e-Paper displays

e-Paper Displays

Why Use e-Paper Displays?

Power Consumption

EPDs power consumption is significantly lower than other forms of displays, this allows for long term use, with low amounts of energy.


All our manufactured EPD displays are significantly more compact and narrow then traditional displays. This enables IoT, wearable and medical use cases.

Outdoor Usage

Easily readable in outdoor settings, EPDs support many innovative use cases for electronics and signage projects.


Our line of products is quality controlled to provide high reliability, especially when compared to tradition displays of the same dimensions.

Design Your Way

e-Paper Innovation’s displays are also highly customizable, enabling you to design and develop original applications and products your way.

e-Paper Innovation’s displays are the most flexible, glass-free, active-matrix ePaper displays you can buy. They offer huge advantages over conventional, glass-based EPDs – they’re extremely robust, very flexible, and are available in a wide range of sizes, in both low and high volumes.

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